Sunday, July 24, 2011


So as I’ve mentioned I’m doing three different projects right now. They are all in different places. So I spend most of my life commuting from one job to another. The result is that I never really spend any significant amount of time in one place. So I don’t pay rent for any house anymore. Meaning I’m homeless. I just wander around like a hobo with my backpack and duffle bag. I’m like Jack Kerouac except I work for the US Government.

But being a Peace Corps hobo is not all that it’s cracked up to be. For one thing there aren’t any freight trains around here. I’m forced to travel in crowded llttle vans and Toyota Camrys that won’t move until everybody inside is sufficiently uncomfortable and oxygen levels are dangerously low. And I’m not allowed to have a car or a motorcycle here. I’m only allowed to ride on the back of motorcycles with maniacal drunks.

And carrying bags around all the time gets uncomfortable. Sometimes I have to pay for an extra seat for my bags on public transport. Which is not fair because my bags aren’t even good for conversation or giving back massages. There is a store called La Sirena in the cities that is basically a Target or Wal-Mart. When you enter you have to leave your bags at the bag-check because they’re afraid you might steal stuff. Unless the bag contains a computer because then they’re afraid they might steal it. So I just put everything I need for the day in my backpack with my computer and drop my big bag at the bag-check. Then I walk out a different entrance and go wherever I have to go, light as a compressed brick of feathers, and return at the end of the day for my bag.

Luckily I’m a hobo with nice friends so wherever I need to go I have place to stay. No park benches for me. Also I have a regular income, even if it is regularly very little. So I don’t just eat corn from a can. Well not everyday at least. Then there's also the fact that I'm sitting by the beach on a sunny day in the Carribbean as I write this. Anyway I’m looking forward to finishing up some of these projects so that I can transition to being a tramp instead of a hobo**.

** A hobo is somebody who travels around looking for work. A migrant worker pretty much. A tramp is somebody who just travels around and only works when he really has too. A bum is somebody who neither works nor travels unless the police poke him.