Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Since I finished my thesis I’ve found something new to waste all of my time on. I garden. Spring’s, brother’s, girlfriend Nikki just moved into a house nearby and it has a giant backyard; unlike my apartment which is roughly the same size as my shack in the Peace Corps but without the green mountains or ocean view. Luckily, Nikki lets me grow vegetables in her backyard.

I have a garden teacher named YouTube. I waste countless hours learning from him. It’s much better for my mental health than the thesis. I could spend the entire day in bed eating cheetos and ice cream, watching old episodes of Gossip Girls, and scratching myself, but then as long as I go to the garden to look at the vegetables growing I feel as if I have accomplished something for the day.

1 out of 14 doctors recommend gardening over Xanax. The pharmaceutical companies then put those doctors out of business and step on their vegetables.

 I took some pictures of my garden. Here is one of them:

One of the goals of organic gardening is to attract beneficial wildlife to the garden to kill pests and help pollinate the vegetables and whatnot. This monkey in my swiss chard is beneficial because he is cute and he throws poo, which is an excellent fertilizer.