Monday, November 9, 2015

I QUIT!! And Some Other Developments.

This post was supposed to go between the two blogs below, "Intermission" and "PlaneTripOne," but I forgot to post it and now I can't figure out how to squeeze it in there. Blogspot is a chronological catastrophe. (If anybody knows how to fix that let me know). So read it in any order you like, but this blog, like a good season of Jane the Virgin, is best viewed in the correct order, so as not to reveal any of the sexy and unpredictable plot twists. This post may shed some light on the two posts beneath it. 


So that was corporate life in a nutshell (Referring to previous "Intermission" blog). There were good parts and bad parts. But, as I predicted, the game of fetch quickly grew old. So I quit my job. I've spent the past week frantically selling all of my belongings for a dollar and giving the rest to Goodwill, where they mostly came from anyway. I am trying to leave Los Angeles the way I came in, with one bag of possessions and unrealistic expectations for the future. Well plus my wife and my dog. But I don't own my wife. They stopped doing that. I'm not sure if I “own” my dog. Is that PC to say? Anyway for symmetry's sake I just own the stuff in the duffel bag and the ideas in my head. It's more romantic that way. No, no not that marriage isn't romantic. You're twisting my words!

Getting rid of all of your stuff is very therapeutic. Better than a juice cleanse, I think. If you're ever in the mood to make a terrible financial decision I recommend you donate all of your belongings until all that you have left can fit in a duffel bag. Though that is probably not a complete therapy in itself. I think then you go have an “Eat, Pray, Love” type experience (never read the book so I don't know what that experience is) so that you can realize how freeing it is to live with so few belongings. You'll be changed forever. Once you do that, though, I would recommend that you capitalize on your experience by writing a Best-Selling book so that you can buy all of your stuff back. Because you need more stuff than fits in a duffel bag to live a normal life. Like couches are really good but large.

Spring and I (AKA Spruncan) are moving to Hawaii. We'll fly to Maui initially to stay with Spring's mom while we apply for jobs. Oh yeah, I should mention, I intend to play fetch again, in some form or another. Lesson NOT learned. I'm just taking a breather.

However, before flying to Hawaii Spring and Kala and I are going to take a road trip around the Southwest for three weeks (Utah, Arizona, Eastern Sierras CA). One last hurrah for the mini-van that has treated me so well for the past four years. Then I will sell her for beer money. More on all that later.

However-er, before embarking on the road trip Spring and I will fly to New Jersey to to celebrate my niece's 0th birthday and my parents' 60th birthdays.

To Recap:

Oct 21: Quit Job
Oct 21-28: Disperse belongings.
Oct 29-Nov 2: New Jersey.
Nov 3-25: Road Trip.
T-Giving: Much needed break from so much hard work.
Dec 1: Move to Hawaii.
Dec 2: Join hippie commune.

Dec 3: Leave hippie commune. Wierdos.

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