Monday, November 9, 2015



We flew to New Jersey. We met the new baby. Quentin and Natasha's daughter, Noelle. She is approximately 4 weeks old at the time of this blogification. She is impossibly tiny. I was sure I was going to break her but everybody reassured me that newborns are made of rubber. We spent the first day staring at her. Literally, staring at her for hours. Like, literally, literally. She makes fascinating faces and grunting noises like a really cute baby alien.
Noelle Catherine Peabody

We went to watch to the NYC marathon on Saturday. The elite marathon runners are impossibly tiny. I thought for sure that they were going to break but everybody reassured me that they are super-athletes. 

I feel like there is a metaphor here about life being small and delicate but also powerful and resilient. But mostly it's like, can you believe how small newborns and marathon runners are?

Horse jockeys too, but that's irrelevant to this blog.

We celebrated my Parents' 60th birthdays. They're normal sized humans but still pretty spectacular in their own normal sized way. We cooked mussels and fries and I made a really good joke using the mussel/muscle homonym. People mostly reserved their laughter for later for my Dad's jokes because his jokes are much, much different than mine and require a bit of forced laughter but it was his birthday and all so I understood.

(Grandma, Dad, Mom)

The trees were in peak autumn colors in New Jersey. Spring was excited because it was the first time she had seen the changing Autumn colors. (Insert your own season joke here). We walked around in the colors and listened to the beautiful suburban hum of leaf blowers.

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