Monday, November 23, 2015

RoadTripEight: Tucson to Death Valley

The highway from the deserts of Tucson to the deserts of Death Valley is, unsurprisingly, surrounded by desert. Looking at the map it did not seem to be a stretch of land with anything of much interest so I didn't have high expectations for the drive. Boy was I only a little bit wrong but mostly right.

One point of interest along the road from Tucson to Death Valley is a town called Nothing, Arizona. There is a picture of the town below. I was a little disappointed because I was expecting to see nothing in Nothing but instead there was something, even if it was just an old ramshackle shack. A better name for it might have been Nobody, AZ because there certainly weren't any people there. They must have been out looking for Something, which, to the best of my knowledge, isn't the name of any town that exists. Or perhaps they were vacationing at their second home in Nowhere, Oklahoma, which does exist.

Something in Nothing.

We didn't want to do the full nine hour drive in one day so we split the trip into two days and stayed over at Burro Creek Campground south of Wikieup, AZ. Supposedly there are wild donkeys (burro = donkey in spanish) that visit the creek adjacent the campground. We didn't see any of them but their presence was confirmed by hundreds of piles of donkey poop as we hike along the creek.

Burro Creek Campground.

We drove through Las Vegas on the second day of the trip. I won $6,000. Then I lost $6,011.47. Really I just spent $11.47 on lunch, but mathematically speaking that's the same thing in the end. I almost broke even. Next time.

After Vegas you just drive through a whole lot of nothing for a while, not to be confused with the town of Nothing in AZ, until you arrive at Death Valley National Park, which is basically in the middle of nowhere, not to be confused with the town of Nowhere in Oklahoma. Which isn't to say that Death Valley isn't a cool place to visit. For being a whole lot of nothing in the middle of nowhere, Death Valley sure is something, not to be confused with the town of Something, which doesn't the best of my knowledge.

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