Friday, November 20, 2015

RoadTripFive: Flagstaff Cheat Night

OMG! We are sooooo BAD! We totally rented a motel room for the night with comfy beds and heat and showers. I can't even. We are SO bad!

It's true. We were supposed to camp until we got to Tucson on Thursday but we woke up to snow falling in the Grand Canyon and a weather forecast in the teens for tonight so we decided that a motel was in order. Did you know that it snows in Arizona? And that there are beautiful pine forests and mountains? I was shocked the first time I drove into Flagstaff and saw snow and pine trees and cabins instead of guns and cacti and tract homes.

Kala had never seen the snow before so we stopped in the mountains of Coconino National Forest to introduce her. She thought it was pretty fascinating at first until she realized that there was dirt underneath the snow. Then she was mostly just interested in digging through the snow to find the dirt, or a big elk turd if she got lucky.

Kala, who are you wearing today?

After the mountains we proceeded to our cushy motel accommodations in Flagstaff, AZ and I proceeded to watch the Discovery Channel for about four hours. About two hours into my TV sesh a marathon of Yukon Men came on. Yukon Men is about people in the Yukon region of Alaska who hunt and race dogs and trap fur and stuff. Pretty tough guys. I started getting inspired. These guys were walking around in sub-zero temperatures carrying around dead animals, and here I was hiding from a little Arizonian snowfall in a heated motel room. So I threw on my gear and grabbed my trusty hunting dog and I headed out into our sub-zero wilderness (celcius), braving the whipping winds and merciless snow, to hunt us down some dinner. I settled on Del Taco because it was the closest place and I was real cold. Then I hurried back to the motel room to cheer on my fellow winter warriors and eat tacos in bed. Whatever, those shows are all staged anyway.

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