Monday, November 9, 2015

RoadTripOne: Starter


The road trip got off to a fantastic start! We started the trip. We were driving. On the road. About five hours in, somewhere north of Las Vegas we stopped at a truck stop to fill up gas, let the dog and the humans use the bathroom, and peruse the North Las Vegas truck stop souvenirs. Classic road trip. Except then we walked out of the store (no souvenirs purchased) and the van wouldn't start. Turn the,click.

We did all the trouble shooting we could but neither Spring nor I, nor the brilliant minds leaving the truck stop, double fisting 64 oz. Colas, could determine the problem. Google surmised that it was a problem with the starter. As we would come to find out, it was. The car wouldn't start because the starter was broken. So simple.

Not so simple is finding a mechanic open after 7pm in North Las Vegas. And so, we spent the first night of the road trip sleeping in the glow of the Valero gas station lights, listening to the rhythm of late night beer runs, dreaming of diesel and cigarette smoke.

Unfortunately, we were too enamored with the beauty of it all to remember to take pictures. You'll have to use your imagination.

The next morning we got towed to the mechanic and got the starter replaced. It was raining while we waited. I got a breakfast burrito from Sonic. I asked for bacon but they gave me sausage. It was fine.

Three hours later they finished replacing the starter and we were back on the road; many dollars lighter.

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